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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nationlists need functional brains!

Shouting "Dalai Lama, you liar!" would only show your irrational ignorance presumably indoctrinated by propagandas.
See other side of the story and make you clear about it that nobody is an absolute idiot. Make sure you know where other people stands against you before you cheering and igniting those nationalistic emotion.

To those with propaganda-addicted syndrome in the West:
try to keep your mind open; don't reinforce your perception by utilizing our ego-injected nonsense; some commonsense will do because no nation is as evil and no leader (political or religious) is as holy as worshiped in any way.

To those nationalists in China and oversea:
Having some form of introspection is always recommended. When you defend your country, try to face the reality first; change must be coming from within. Foreign conspiracy and political agenda don't excuse the wrongdoings and high needs to challenge the authority. After all, our ultimate goal is to make the country a better place to live but a better place to show ego against others.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

While everybody is "LOVE CHINA", I found China is not lovable

With bursting patriotism and nationalism among the Chinese, I found China is not lovable as long as CCP still daydreams and its head remains in the sand. People of China, my people, could you please have some introspection about the nation? I beg you, my people!
Not feeling good at this point....:(