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Friday, December 07, 2007

This Country Is Fucked Up!

The media and public responses to VT Massacre( April 16,2007): Get out of our country, You Chink!!(or Yellow People)

The media and public responses to Omaha Mall Massacre(Dec 5,2007): Ok. That's too sad! We should tighten our gun control.

Youtube clips on Omaha: 139(Omaha Shooting)+18(Omaha Massacre)
Youtube clips on VT: 395(VT shooting)+1080(Viginia Massacre)+2110(Viginia Shooting)[1460(Viginia Tech Shooting)included]=3585
*Note in parentheses are key words used in the searches

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Top 10 Worst Apartment Complex in Ann Arbor

You can assume I love to make shit lists for everything. I am making another one for the apartments in Ann Arbor.

Top 10 Worst Apartment Complex in Ann Arbor

10. Medical Center Court

9. Medical Center Court

8. Medical Center Court

7. Medical Center Court

6. Medical Center Court

5. Medical Center Court

4. Medical Center Court

3. Medical Center Court

2.Medical Center Court

1.Medical Center Court

WOSRT EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why I don't eat curry?

Why I don't like curry? Well, it's spicy and self-destructive behaviors usually include eating curry coz you are gonna be destructed by others who approach you.

I just found a good local Indian Food Store 3mins walking from my apartment. it's sitting on a historic landfill site and guess what? My spending there has exceeded the amount I spend in Chinese/Korean markets. India rocks!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rants on China-Top Ten Reasons Why I don't like China.

Several points to go before I start this post:
1. As the title said it all, this post will ONLY contain negative feelings towards China as much as my last post ranting on America did. You know, you gotta justify your purposed title to clarify that you are indeed ranting. So that people won't take it serious. I just thought it was fun to write on this "nationalistic-political-racial" topic.

2. All the statements I made were and will be only to show the negative sides of the particular country. I AM NOT COMPARING US WITH CHINA OR OTHERWISE.The statements have no need to be justified by everyone because again, they're totally rants. rants are logic-free. got it?

3.It was just fun to comment on this "I heart America" issue. the same will apply to this post. I was JUST FUN to comment on this "I heart China" issue.

Top Ten Reasons Why I don't like China( in no particular order)
1. The general public has been seriously brainwashed by the China Communist Party(CCP) for a considerably long time. You may find you are still 40 years away from counting money at home without commuting back and forth in between office and home. Then it won't be hard for you to realize how long nearly 60-year brainwashing was and what the consequences could have been.

2.People in China are seriously nationalistic. Getting defensive for whatever you comment on the dark sides of China. People, why can't you guys(whoops, we) face the reality?

3.It's just terrible to drive in China.you can get a sense of how it is like from a random conversation between my dad and me on our way to grandparents':
Me: dad, what the heck are you doing?
Dad: I am driving, what?
Me: you are not driving. you just literally drove on THE border of two lanes.
Dad: yeah, I know. I was just thinking if I should just switch to the right lane to exit. I didn't stay on it long though.
Me: but this line is not marked "LINE FOR HESITATING TO TURN" at all!
(Note: we got to the grandparents' with biggest smiles on our faces. You know my dad doesn't jokes a lot when he is not driving. I like him anyway)

4. Taking shower before bed has its root in China. I am sure you don't want to laundry your sheet every two weeks. you will have to do so if you shower in the morning in China. what? hot water is only available in the morning? then you probably still have to shower at night because when you home, your skin will literally be covered by high concentration of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, sweat, road dusts and possibly granular sands if you live in Beijing. laundry is cheap in China. don't worry, man! keep the BIG LOADS coming!!:)

(to be continued) time to sleep, sorry!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like America

Most of time, people who came to America appreciate its beautiful parts. Even though it's just not as easy as I can make the same list of China, I just got something to say. AND it's all about what I have been feeling and never ever have anything to do with others! So just don't blame me for being overeacted or undereacted. The list as follows is in the order each item come to my mind.

1. America is too materialistic. You can never find it difficult to feel lazy not to brush your teeth with manual toothbrush. You always gotta the fancy, wasteful electronic brush do the job and claim this as the only way of having healthy teeth.

2. America food is just junky. Come to America if you want to gain weight without any single effort in about one week. Pie, candy, all the sweet things are being hornored to somewhat crazy extent.

3. American people are badly narcissistic. It's no doubt that Californians are somehow doing a perfect job on this. However, it would be great if other people don't act like that.

4. American people are somehow patriotic enough to invade other countries in the name of freedom and democracy rather than of national interest. yeah, it's true that UN doesn't do its own job but it would be great if Bush let it do its own thing. The lady with a Ph.D in my lab sadly told me because the UN is not functional any more, Bush needs to do something to defend the justice of this shitty world. Oh, ya, I agree. How worse can that be! PEACE...dammn it , whoever created this word is as sinful as the world itself.

5. American people just don't realize how much they like flattering each other. Apprarently, flattering coming out of nowhere makes them happy and satisfied. It's very hard for me to understand why they don't get tried of those daily flattering. Can't you just say what you want to say or just keep yourself sincere and control the daily rate of flatterings to the same person. Being polite is very good but not overpolite. Sorry!

6. America makes you hate driving. For an ordinary Chinese who has never driven a fancy car( well, i mean Toyota is pretty much fancy car in China), driving made me excited and life full of expectations. Well, it's just not true when you forgot to get onions one second after you come from grocery shopping. Jesus, that's just about 1 minute thing in Shanghai!

7. There is no free lunch in America. do you really want to door boy at a hotel help you carry your 10-pound luggage? maybe you do if you were a little girld. You can't avoid him 1-2 bucks for his great efforts. Thanks, I appreciate it . people are just obseessed with BUCKS!

8. Self-control is much appreciated in America. i was glad that I saw pistols for the first time in my life here. I always agree with the idea that people of a coutry should have the right to arm themselves for protection and for fighting against unfair regulations. But not for killing each other by going like: bitch! how dare you! I will dammn shoot you!(I tried my best not to be civilized, sorry!)

9. Political games are active here as well. Everyone watches CNN and what's CNN tells you is compatible with most of what ordinary American believes.

10. The only way of hating human beings is by coming to America. The more you know about the racial conflicts going on and how people from different parts of the world hate each other, you more frustrated you become. The last but not the least, it's sometimes good to be isolated without knowing too much. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, shitty things all around.

Overall, it's just not fair to judge this coutry in the way above but this is probably one way of doing that.